Cadette Girl Scouts

Trees Badge

Cadettes can take a tour of our orchard (we grow many varieties of apples, peaches, plums and pears!) and will be able to pick what is ripe to take home!

This tour is available September 1-October 31.  This tour fulfills the requirements of step 1 of the Trees Badge.


Night Owl Skill Building Badge

Most of our activities for Girl Scouts will take place during the day, but Cadettes get the chance to explore Jelli’s Market at night!  Cadettes will take a nighttime walk around the farm to notice with their 5 senses what is different after dark.  Girls will also get to examine the night sky!  We’ll look through a telescope and discover planets, the moon and stars!

This activity is available year round and fulfills the requirements of steps 2 and 4 of the Night Owl Skill Building Badge.


Schedule your troops visit!

Cadette Troops are able to complete a Trees Badge step or a Night Owl skill building badge step as separate events or together on the same day (if the available dates for both activities overlap).  Please call or email to schedule your troop’s visit-- 920.220.1026 (Becky) or 

Fees:  $7.00 per Cadette per day, adults/leaders are free!