Jelli's Apple Orchard

The very first apples of 2017 are ready and for sale in the store.  We have Zestar and Redfree apples available for purchase.  

UPICK Zestar apples available on Saturday from 9am to 5pm.  Price is $2.00 per lb for this variety.  Zestar is a good tasting "eating" variety of apple.  

We have listed below all of the varieties planted in our orchard.  The season typically runs from mid-August through October.

Please note that the following harvest dates are approximate. 

Apple Varieties

Sunrise- middle August

Redfree- middle August

Gala- middle August

Ginger Gold- middle August

Zestar- late August

Crimson Crisp- early September

Macintosh- early September

Honeycrisp- mid September

Spartan- middle September

Creston- late September

Cortland- late September

Wolf River- late September

Silken- late September

Haralson- late September

Empire- late September

Sweet 16- late September

Snowsweet- late September

Crabapple- late September

Fuji- late September

Red Delicious- Early October

Cameo- middle October


Plum Varieties

Alderman- early August

Black Ice- early August

Toka- late August

Stanley- late August


Pear Varieties

Gorham- middle August

Bartlett- late August

Clapps Favorite- late August

Colette- late August

Blake's Pride- late August


Peach Varieties

Contender- late August