Welcome to Jelli's!

Fall kickoff weekend Saturday and Sunday.  Stop out and pick apples or pumpkins, stay and play our free games and activities.  Lunch available from Patty Wagon burgers.  Taste samples from our new kitchen as well!  

Apple varieties available in the store:   Macintosh, Gala, Cortland, Crimson Crisp and Gingergold. Price is $1.80 per lb

We also have HONEYCRISP apples.   Price is $2.50 per lb.   

Upick apples available this weekend include:  Honeycrisp        Cortland              Linda Mac        Snowsweet             Empire                Snow

Something new this weekend:  We have pick your own grapes!  Price is $1.25 per lb.  Variety is Bluebell which is similar to Concord grapes.  

fall activities.jpg

The Pumpkin Patch is ready to go!    Stop out and pick your own or choose one near our store.  

Our Fall games and activities are free of charge and can be played any day during our regular hours.  We only charge for our Berry Blue Barrel Train, which runs on weekends only.  Stop out and try some pumpkin checkers, ducky races, corn maze, selfie scavenger hunt and much more.  

Sweet corn season is over for the year.  

We WILL NOT have fall raspberries available to pick for awhile.   The lack of rain recently is taking its toll.  We did water them and hope to open patch again soon.  

We have Angus beef, pork and chickens available.  Lamb available now as well!  We also have our fantastic soaps, cheese, honey, maple syrup, baskets, sewn items, and much more.

Interested in getting on our email list?  Email us at sknoebel@jellismarket.com and I'll send you updates as to when our various produce is ready throughout the summer and fall seasons.

At Jelli's Market, we strive to produce high quality products using environmentally safe agricultural practices.  We practice sustainable agriculture and incorporate integrated pest management (IPM) as much as possible with our fruits and vegetables to control unwanted pests.

We raise our animals naturally without adding hormones or antibiotics. 

As a proud American farm family, we strive to produce food that is safe, affordable and nutritious. The values that are important to our family are shared by other farmers in the nation. To learn more about food and farming, we recommend you visit CommonGround at their website FindOurCommonGround.com

We accept cash, check or credit: Visa, Mastercard and Discover

   Open Daily   9am-5pm

Phone:  (262)593-5133

Other Items available in the store:  


  Caramel apples

Apple Cider donuts

Caramel apple topping

Beef sticks