Our Farm Store will be open by appointment only until early March. 

Call hotline to set up a time to stop if you need beef, eggs  or chickens

during January or February. 



*Angus beef -  See Farm Store page for what cuts are available and prices.   

*Chickens - LOTS of our fantastic homegrown chickens available for $2.95 per lb.  Sizes range from 6-8 lbs

Interested in getting on our email list?  Email me at sknoebel@jellismarket.com and I'll send you updates as to when our various produce is ready throughout the summer and fall seasons.

At Jelli's Market, we strive to produce high quality products using environmentally safe agricultural practices.  We practice sustainable agriculture and incorporate integrated pest management (IPM) as much as possible with our fruits and vegetables to control unwanted pests.

We raise our animals naturally without adding hormones or antibiotics. 

We want our family, as well as all of our customers and their families to enjoy healthy food, and hope your experience leaves you feeling good about your visit and the products you choose to take home with you from our farm.