Welcome to Jelli's! 

Picking now:

We are at the end of the strawberry season for the year.  If you missed it, or just want to get one last bunch of berries for the year, we will let folks roam the fields on Sunday, July 5th yet again.  Sunday will be our last day of upick. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We have CLOSED our stands in Wales on Hwy 83 and 18 and in Watertown at the Ace Hardware for a few days.  Will reopen both stands on Friday, July 10th at 11:00am.  Our stand in Johnson Creek will be OPEN this week. 

We do have sugar snap peas to pick right now but only for a few more days as the season is coming to an end.

Peas are $1.75 per lb for u-pick. 

Angus beef, pork and chickens!  See Farm Store page for what cuts are available and prices.   

We also have frozen pies, jams, honey, maple syrup, sewn items, soaps, baskets, kitchen gadgets and Watkins products. 

Coming soon:

We are getting close to raspberry picking!  Keep checking back.  We do have a limited amount of pre-picked raspberries available for purchase in the store.

We are getting close to blueberry picking!  Keep checking back.  We do have a limited amount of pre-picked blueberries available for purchase in the store.

Interested in getting on our email list?  Email us at sknoebel@jellismarket.com and I'll send you updates as to when our various produce is ready throughout the summer and fall seasons.

At Jelli's Market, we strive to produce high quality products using environmentally safe agricultural practices.  We practice sustainable agriculture and incorporate integrated pest management (IPM) as much as possible with our fruits and vegetables to control unwanted pests.

We raise our animals naturally without adding hormones or antibiotics. 

We want our family, as well as all of our customers and their families to enjoy healthy food, and hope your experience leaves you feeling good about your visit and the products you choose to take home with you from our farm.

Farm Store is open daily 7:00am to 7:00pm.

We accept cash, check or credit (Visa, Mastercard and Discover).