Open Daily 9am to 5pm

We WILL be open on Memorial Day from 9am til 5pm!  

**Strawberry update:  The season will be quite late this year - our best guess right now is sometime the 3rd week of June!  


This is the WEEKEND to get your garden in!  We have tons of tomatoes (12 varieties), peppers, broccoli, cabbage, ground cherries, kohlrabi, etc, etc!  

We also have LOTS of herbs available to purchase.......basil, cilantro, sage, marjoram, thyme, etc.  

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Available in the Farm Store:  

Angus beef                      Jams                                     Fresh and Frozen Pies

Pork                                   Honey                                 Donuts and Baked goods

Lamb                                 Maple Syrup                      Chicken.....and MUCH MORE!


Asparagus is still growing like crazy!    Stop in and pick up a pound or more anytime!   Price is $3.25 per lb; $3.00 for 10 lbs or more.  We expect the season to last only another 10 days or so......possibly longer.  

Update for 2018!  If you are interested in purchasing meat in larger quantities, contact us to place your order.  We are now taking orders for Halves and quarters of beef.  Larger quantities of pork available in June, and lamb in August.