Welcome to Jelli’s Market!

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It is currently apple season at Jelli’s Market!

See below for current picking conditions and varieties!

Our local produce stands are now closed for the season. Thank you to all of our customers and see you next year!


We currently have Zestar, Silken and Gingergold apples for sale in our farm store. We will will have u-pick apples available on Saturday, September 14th and Sunday, September 15th from 9 am to 5 pm. Price for upick apples is $1.65/lb. We will be picking Zestar, Gingergold, Gala AND HONEYCRISP apples this week.

We also will have 2 varieties of grapes for sale this week. We have seedless Sommerset and Bluebell grapes to pick or buy in our farm store. Price is $2.00/lb.


We will be open for raspberry picking on Friday, September 13th. Our fall bearing varieties are doing quite well this year. We hope to have raspberries for a couple weeks depending on the weather.

Price for raspberries: $3.50 per pint for upick; $4.75 per pint for prepicked.


Our season for blueberries is officially over. We hope the winter is not as harsh next year to have a better blueberry crop!

sweet corn!.jpg

We are currently sold out of sweet corn. Our last planting of sweet corn should be ready in a few days. Check back for availability updates. Price for sweet corn is $5.50/dozen.

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Stop in our store and pick up some of our fresh made donuts, pies, or baked goods!

Take home some of our home raised Angus beef or pork. See Farm Store page for available cuts and prices.

We also have a new shipment of baskets from Ghana, handmade soaps, sewn items, honey and more.

Our fantastic pies (frozen) and jams are also in stock!