Welcome to Jelli's Market!  

Open Daily 9am to 5pm

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Join us this weekend for our “Kick off to Fall Fest”!

Our Farm Store is loaded with great produce and tasty treats right now!  

We will have apples, pumpkins, gourds and more!  Upick and prepicked apples all weekend and our Pumpkin Patch is now open!

We're also stocked with apple cider, pies, and our home raised Angus beef, chicken, and pork.  

Don't forget to grab a pack of our Apple Cider donuts on your way out!  

Our FREE Lawn Games are set up now.....try your hand at pumpkin checkers, lawn jenga, Kick Croquet or everybody's favorites, the ducky races and Angry Birds for Real!


Apples are available for purchase in our Farm Store every day.   Varieties include Zestar, Gala, Silken, Gingergold, Wolf River, Haralson, Macintosh, Cortland and Crimson Crisp .  Price is $1.80 per lb. 

Honeycrisp are also available - $2.55 per lb.  

We have our "seconds" bin of Cortland and Macintosh apples set up on the front porch.  These apples are good for applesauce, pies, or whatever you want! ......Price is $.80 per lb or $25 per bushel.  

On weekends we have upick in our orchard.   Varieties available for upick this weekend: Fuji, Crimson Crisp, Linda Mac (Macintosh variety) and Honeycrisp.

We supply the bags for you and give you a ride out to the orchard to pick.    Price for upick is $1.65 per lb.  (Upick Honeycrisp are $2.30 per lb)  See our events page for more information!

**Can’t make it out this weekend? We also have UPICK apples available every Wednesday from 9am to 5pm through the rest of apple season!

**In addition to the fruit, we now have apple cider and our famous apple cider donuts too!**

Click HERE to see all of our apple varieties and the approximate time of harvest!

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We will have raspberries available for U-Pick this weekend. There aren’t a large amount of berries in the field, but if you want to try for a few pints, the field will be open. Word of advice - bring your bug spray……….mosquitoes are BAD now!

Price for raspberries:  $3.50 per pint for upick.


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Our FREE Fall yard games are now set up for you!  Stop out for some apples and apple cider donuts, then try your hand at the Ducky Races, Lawn Jenga, Kick Croquet and more.  Our farm animals would love to see you as well!  Our Berry Blue Barrel train runs on the weekends - for $2.00 the kids can get a ride around the farm.  See you soon!  

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Available in the Farm Store:  

Angus beef                      Jams                                     Fresh and Frozen Pies

Pork                                   Honey                                 Donuts and Baked goods

Lamb                                 Maple Syrup                      Chicken.....and MORE!