Cole Crops- Broccoli, Cabbage - Red and White, Cauliflower, White and Purple Kohlrabi

Tomatoes-Cherry (Sweet 100, Sunsugar, Sweet Treats), Mariana Roma, Better Boy, Carolina Gold, Florida 47, Big Beef, Beefmaster, Celebrity, Early Girl, Wisconsin 55

Peppers - Red, Orange, Yellow and Green Bell, Hungarian Yellow Wax, Sweet Banana, Poblano, Jalapeno, Habanero, Serrano


Red, White, Pink Impatiens Coleus Vinca Pansies

Snapdragons Gazania Geraniums Petunias Begonias

Bacopa New Guinea Impatiens


Basil Cilantro Chocolate Mint Lavender Rosemary

Thyme Marjoram Savory Catnip Parsley Sage

Peppermint Oregano

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