Our Story

    Jelli's Market was formed in 2001 by Steve and Jody Knoebel. Farming was in their blood as both came from farm families. They bought this farm after graduating from college in 1986. Cash crops and livestock were the focus in the beginning. The constantly changing farm economy led Steve and Jody to search for more diversity in their operation. A family friend suggested growing strawberries as a way to involve their three young daughters in the farm operation. 

    The first strawberry crop was harvested in 2002 with the help of a few neighbors and friends. After a year of learning and experimenting, our small patch turned into 25,000 plants and we were in the strawberry business. 

     The name of our market - Jelli's - is a result of combining the names of our three girls - Jessica, Lindsay and Libby! 

         It has been 15 years, and we are thankful every day that we are still able to be involved in a wonderful family owned business.  We had no idea when we started that our small strawberry field would grow to what it is today.  In 2017, we will have 14 acres of strawberries.   Our operation continues to expand every year and now includes a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. 

    An apple orchard has been the largest expansion to date. In 2009 we formed a partnership with our orchard manager, Terry Bossell. We now have over 3,000 fruit trees.  Our entire produce season runs from about mid May to late October.

      The farm store was new in 2011 and has turned out to be a wonderful addition to our farm.  We can display all of our produce in it, and we also sell other items throughout the year, including our own honey, maple syrup, baked goods and other farm store items.

     We take great pride in growing all of our own meat as well.  We have a herd of Angus cattle, and sell the beef in our store.  We also raise and sell our own pork, lamb, chicken, and laying hens that give us eggs every day.  Our meat is "all natural" which means no added hormones are given to any of our animals.

     Every summer we hire local kids to work for us during strawberry season, and at our off the farm produce stands.  Some of our greatest memories are the adventures and friendships they form each summer when working with us.   

     We are located about 5 miles off of I-94, halfway between Madison and Milwaukee, near Johnson Creek.  For exact directions to our farm, see the directions and hours page.


The start of Jelli's in 2001....

The start of Jelli's in 2001....

...and today!

...and today!

Our youngest child, Libby, graduated from high school in 2016.