New in 2017, our bakery features many wonderful home baked items.  The following is a list of baked goods we offer.  Keep in mind that supplies do vary so if you are searching for a particular item, it is a great idea to call ahead.  We do accept orders for pies and jams. 


Donuts- We make them fresh everyday. Flavors include apple cider, and a rotation of blueberry and strawberry. Call us 24 hours in advance and place an order for a large quantity! 

Price - 75 cents each; $4.25 for half dozen, $8.00 per dozen


Pies - 10 inch pies; varieties include strawberry rhubarb, blueberry, berry patch (blend of 3 berries), or apple.  Availability is determined by season....

Price - $14.00 each

June 15 023.JPG

Jams- Most of our jams are made using our very own produce.

Price -$5 per jar

Fruit smoothies

Price $2.00 each


Price 50 cents each

Snack foods -

Price- 50 cents each

caramel apples.jpg

Caramel apples-