Jelli's Apple Orchard

We have listed below all of the varieties planted in our orchard.  The season typically runs from mid-August through October.

Please note that the following harvest dates are approximate. 

Apple Varieties

Sunrise- middle August

Redfree- middle August

Gala- middle August

Ginger Gold- middle August

Zestar- late August

Crimson Crisp- early September

Macintosh- early September

Honeycrisp- mid September

Spartan- middle September

Creston- late September

Cortland- late September

Wolf River- late September

Silken- late September

Haralson- late September

Empire- late September

Sweet 16- late September

Snowsweet- late September

Crabapple- late September

Fuji- late September

Red Delicious- Early October

Cameo- middle October


Plum Varieties

Alderman- early August

Black Ice- early August

Toka- late August

Stanley- late August


Pear Varieties

Gorham- middle August

Bartlett- late August

Clapps Favorite- late August

Colette- late August

Blake's Pride- late August


Peach Varieties

Contender- late August