Junior Girl Scouts

Juniors that visit our farm will be right in the thick of what Jelli’s Market does best; growing fruits, flowers, and gardening!

Flowers Badge

Juniors will tour our greenhouse and get their hands dirty as they plant their own flowers from seed to take home.  If you time your visit right, Juniors can also explore different types of fruit and vegetable blossoms on our farm!  Early in the spring, blossoms of apple, strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry are in full bloom just waiting to be pollinated by our honeybees.  We’ll explore the blossoms up close, learn how they are pollinated, and how they turn into a fruit!  We’ll finish the activity with a snack of some of the fruit from the blossoms we observed! 

This activity is available April 1-May 31.  The greenhouse tour fulfills the requirements of step 1 of the Flowers Badge and the blossom tour fulfills the requirements of step 3 of the Flowers Badge.


Gardener Skill Building Badge

Troops can visit our farm and take a walking tour of our gardens and greenhouse where they can see how vegetables, flowers and herbs are started from seed and grow in a warm, enclosed environment.  Girls will learn about plant hardiness zones and soils and will discover what plants will thrive in southern Wisconsin.  Juniors will experiment to see what growing conditions are best for seeds to sprout and grow!  Juniors will take home their plantings to monitor the growth of the seeds.

The gardens tour is available May 15-August 31 and the greenhouse tour is available April 1-May 31.  The tours fulfill the requirements for steps 1,  3 and 4 of the Gardener Skill Building Badge.


Schedule your troops visit!

Junior Troops are able to complete a Flowers Badge step or Gardening Skill building badge step as separate events or together on the same day (if the available dates for both activities overlap).  Please call or email to schedule your troop’s visit-- 920.220.1026 (Becky) or rebecca.mehringer@gmail.com 

Fees:  $7.00 per Junior per day, adults/leaders are free!