Welcome to Jelli's Market!  

Open Daily 7am to 7pm!

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Visit one of our area produce stands!

Watertown-will open later this week

Johnson Creek- Opens today - June 18 at 11:00am.

Wales-Plan to open tomorrow (Wednesday) at 11:00am!


UPDATE: We will open the fields for the first day on Tuesday, June 18 at 7:00am! Only our earliest variety is ripe so far, so we aren’t sure how long we will be open on Tuesday. We have plenty of berries today so head over to Jelli’s anytime before 7:00pm!

So far the berries look good, so we will have more ripe later in the week!

Price for strawberries: $1.90 per lb for upick; $5.00 per quart or $3.00 per lb for prepicked berries.


Sugar snap peas are ready to be picked! Pick your own or we will try to have a limited quantity of prepicked peas for sale as well!

Price: $2.00 per lb for upick peas.; $3.00 per lb for prepicked peas!

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Stop in our store and pick up some of our fresh made donuts, pies, strawberry lemonade or fresh strawberry pie!

Take home some of our home raised Angus beef or pork. See Farm Store page for available cuts and prices.

We also have a new shipment of baskets from Ghana, handmade soaps, sewn items, honey and more.

Our fantastic pies (frozen) and jams are also in stock!


We have GOOD news and BAD news about our blueberries this year. The GOOD news is that they did survive the harsh winter (we were very worried they would not make it).

The BAD news is that only the lower part of most of our bushes that were covered with snow at the time of the deep freeze survived. So, we will have SOME blueberries this year, but it seems that the supply will be quite limited. We will decide as the season gets closer as to whether we will have upick blueberries or not this year. Please keep checking back for updates!