Welcome to Jelli's Market!  

Open Daily 7am to 7pm


Strawberry update:  We will be open for upick berries on Thursday, June 21st.

We are well into the season this year.  With all the recent rain our fields are very wet, so please wear appropriate footwear.  Straw between the rows keeps away the mud, but we do have some standing water in some places.  Berry quality is still pretty good right now, but the sooner you can get here the better.  I'm not certain how many more days the season will last!  

We will have a limited quantity of prepicked berries available at the farm on Thursday.  

Price for berries:  $1.80 per lb for u-pick; $3.00 per lb for prepicked or $5.00 per quart. 

All 3 of our off the farm produce stands are open every day at 11am, and we keep them open until 6pm or until we run out of strawberries.  (Lately they have had to close early since we just can't keep up with the demand)

Stand locations:  Wales (at the intersection of Hwy 18 and 83) ;  Johnson Creek off of Hwy 26 across from Culver's;  Watertown in the Ace Hardware parking lot on Hwy 26.  

**We do supply boxes for you and we accept cash, credit cards, debit cards and checks.  

Keep checking back for updates!  


Bad news!!!! Our sugar snap peas have taken a turn for the worse, and it doesn't look like we will have many peas available this year, if any!   If we do end up having a decent number we will mention it on the website.......we're very disappointed too!  

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Available in the Farm Store:  

Angus beef                      Jams                                     Fresh and Frozen Pies

Pork                                   Honey                                 Donuts and Baked goods

Lamb                                 Maple Syrup                      Chicken.....and MORE!

What's coming up?   Our next crop will be raspberries and blueberries.  These are generally ready during July.